Below is a collection of testimonies and victory reports we have received as a result of our ministry across the world. We wanted to share them with you to encourage and exhort you in the faith. We pray they build you up as much as they have us. We have also included Evangelist Peter’s complete testimony here.

The week you spent at our church was a real blessing to me. God spoke some beautiful things to my spirit – even as you spoke into the lives of many. God is making permanent changes in the lives of many as you minister.  Continue your ministry of encouragement and exhortation – and may God continue to bless you mightily. Look forward to your return!  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Love in Christ,

Debbie, IA

I didn’t even think to have my knees healed – I had the beginnings of arthritis which I just attributed to getting older! However, God had other plans! Peter prayed for those up front and laid hands on them. During the rest of the service I was sitting with my knees flexed – normally they would begin to ache a bit – but I suddenly realized that my knees didn’t hurt at all.

I’ve been squatting and getting up and down all day – no pain! I feel 20 years younger! Praise God!

Loretta, Citrus Heights, CA

My victory point started when Reverend Rahme demonstrated the breaking of chains from the body of Christ. I was on my knees in the front of the auditorium sobbing as I witnessed the demonstration for I had personalized chains from life – I was freed by the breaking of those chains – freedom from doubt, fear, resentment and utter bondage in the soul swept over me.

When offered the opportunity to go forward for healing, I went immediately. When Rev Rahme approached me, he said that he noticed that I saw the removal of those chains as a personalization of freedom for me. He simply laid his hands on my head and I recall falling back in the arms of those around me. At that point I experienced a peace that I cannot describe with words. Freedom from worry, bitterness, anger, resentment, and confusion of my mind left me prone as I pay stationary on the auditorium floor. My testimony is one of freedom of the shackles that plagued my mind since my youth. I was abused sexually by an uncle for five years as a young boy. I had been shackled with the devil’s tools of confusion all of my adult life. These shackles were removed tonight by the Spirit of God Rev Rahme pointed to me and announced in front of the audience that I would testify of this event.

Martin, Folsom, CA

The Lord healed me of debilitating leg pains and weakness of the quadricep muscles of both legs. I began to have the pain in October 2004. By January 2005, I was unable to stand up without help. I went to the doctor at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and also purchased a walker that I used for walking and for sitting. The doctor restricted me from driving from February 2005. Then April 8th, 2005 Peter Rahme came to West Union, Iowa for revival meetings. At the end of the first meeting, I walked forward for prayer. Peter prayed over me/. Afterwards, I sat awhile and prayed to the Lord. After about 20 minutes, I knew in my heart that God had healed me. I stood up, and walked around the room. Then I ran and I could lift each of my legs high! I was truly amazing. As a result of my healing, a young man was saved! He now believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! I offer this testimony to share with people the great work God is doing through Peter Rahme. I hope my witness will encourage people during this perilous time, that the Lord is in control and He answers prayer “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Rita, West Union, IA

I love you guys! I pray God’s most abundant blessings on your family as you seek the Lord with fervence and fortitude. You have such a special place in my heart, and I will never forget the deposit that you made in me at such a young age. Thank God, if even through hardships and trials, I am right back to where I was created to be, at the feet of The Father.

Thank You for your lives, your dedication, support, prayers and sacrifice to bring forth God’s amazing word! I want to follow in your footsteps, more than you know!! I proclaim a spirit of astonishing victory resound through each life in your family! May God continue to strengthen you, guide you, enrich your lives as never before, in the awesome name of Our King JESUS!

I love you!

Elaina, Arizona

I asked for healing for a frozen shoulder. I was touched by the Spirit and actually felt my bones being repositioned as I lay covered on the floor. There was no pain involved but there was an overwhelming sense of peace. When I got up I had free movement of my shoulder and I was able to fully raise that arm over my head. Prior to the healing. That arm extended to a height that was about 3 or 4 inches shorter than my other arm. As I write this it is now 9 days later and the healing has remained. My shoulder no longer aches. I can lie on it in bed without saying “Ow!” as I roll over on to it. I am sleeping better because I don’t have to “guard” it when I am in bed to avoid the pain. God is so good! I have not experienced his touch in this way before and it means so much to me that He would reach out to me because I asked and I believed. I have been telling everyone about my healing. Thank you for being a vessel that can be used by God.

Nancy, Orangevale, CA

Before I came here to hear Peter Rahme’s ministry I was very lost spiritually. I prayed with Peter about my abuse and he helped heal me physically and emotionally. My relationship with God is healed and He healed my knees as well. I am sooooo grateful to God. Thank you.

Garrett, Fair Oaks, CA

We ministered on the streets with you Pastor Peter and we really enjoyed that time and miss it very much. Although we never felt led to join up with succeeding ministries, nevertheless we have continued to witness one-on-one especially as we take our weekly walk-about around our neighbourhood. We definitely have an anointing for this, as I guess we all should have, but Deirdre really does it with exceptional boldness and courage.

God bless you, Pastor Peter for the big influence you had on our lives and may God continue to open those doors of opportunity for you and Dyllis in the years ahead.

Ian and Deirdre, Johannesburg, South Africa

..the Smith Wigglesworth book you gave me is such a blessing to me.  I can’t expressthe wonder of the truth this man conveyed in his messages.  I have such a faith – and I believe God is calling us to such a faith.  He wants it for us and to know and experience who He truly is and I’m thanking you and your ministry for God’s work and word being done in this community.  You impact with your teachings and who you are in Christ.

Love in Christ, Marilyn, IA

My right shoulder has been tightening up so much the last week. I couldn’t even raise my arm the shoulder level. Glory to God! I can now move it fully.

Rich, CA

I had been praying for my husband’s salvation about 12 years. I was about to give up when God sent you to preach at Riverfalls Assembly of God. You were preaching on the anointing, faith, not to give up on our loved ones. The Holy Ghost was all over you. You were sweating profusely. The Holy Spirit prompted me and gave me boldness to ask you for your handkerchief. I believe in the transferring of anointing so I told you I was going to put this handkerchief in my husband’s pillow, believing for his salvation. It was in his pillow for about a year, I never took it out. I continued to pray, Things looked hopeless but then God intervened, praise God. My husband is now saved, serving the Lord, praying and believing God’s word. We both are in Marriage for Life classes. It’s a miracle!  PTL. I want you to be encouraged and to let your readers know never to give up.

The Father is very rarely early, but He’s always on time. I want to thank you for giving me something tangible to hold on to. My faith was increased and my mind went back to that pillow many times. Matter of fact, the handkerchief is still on his pillow. Please continue to pray for J.R. that he will grow and mature in Christ, never to go back to the world.

God bless you and may His face shine on you and give you peace.

Anna, New Albany, IN

I want you to know how much I enjoyed the meetings in Decatur.  I have talked to so many people who were touched and/or healed.  You are a blessing!

Peter, I heard you say several times you were holding back because you didn’t want to scare people off.  I would like to encourage you not to hold back. That fire that is burning inside of you is a gift from God and it ignites the flame in the rest of us.  I, for one, want what you have.  I’ve found a new boldness since you were here and have talked to several others who have too.

Love in Jesus,

Shirley, Decatur, IL

I want you to know how much I appreciate you coming to our church and ministering to us.  Every time you visit I am blessed!  But this time was different.  God Started working on me the week before you got here and He started a flame inside me.  The first Friday night you were here He touched me and it just progressed from there.  I was able to go to the hospital and pray with a family member that was sick.   Called someone and invited them to church and I went to the nursing home and shared Jesus with every resident I saw.  (One received Jesus!)  It may not seem like much but compared to where I was it is a big leap.  I’m not afraid to speak the Word!  (It’s just like fire shut up in my bones!) Bless you!

Love in Christ. Tracy, Decatur, IL

I have been wanting a deeper walk/knowledge of God –as Moses had with the tent of meetings. Prayer time came and Peter prayed for me to have a Phil.3:10 knowledge of Jesus. The next day as I felt the anointing I went and asked a non-believer if she a “BA”. Her friends have been trying to share the Lord with her for years. Next, I went to the Jacuzzi and met a family there. I had small talk about sports with them and then shared the church news and Jesus. They were invited to come to Friday night’s service and gave their lives to Jesus. They were hit by the Holy Spirit and fell down. They want to plug into the church this week. As I said to the crowd, I came forward for prayer for my back and blind left eye, but desired to know the Lord more and with that rich blessing I was used today to evangelize for God at the health club. I have now been blessed to be used in the “Jacuzzi Ministry”.

Larry, Orangevale, CA

The Lord did a miraculous thing in my life in a way that I would never have chosen in a million years. I now know that the Lord’s way of bringing things to our attention is much different than the way we think it ought to be. This was the case with me and my start on the road to healing.

The Lord worked through Peter and Dyllis that night in March and I will be forever grateful to the Lord first of all and then to Peter and Dyllis for allowing the Lord to work through them.

Peter, thank you for your compassion and tender heart. It meant so much to me and I look forward to seeing you and Dyllis one day again. I pray that you both are abundantly blessed in all ways that God allows. What an awesome pair you both make for His kingdom and my life has been forever changed knowing you both.

God bless you. Robbyn, Fair Oaks, CA

Dear Peter and crew,

Thank you for giving your lives to the service of Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for what God has done in me through you, and the changed lives at Victory Christian Church.

May the peace of God and the God of peace always be with you.

Ken, IA

Testimony Of Priscilla Vurden – Street Ministry Team, South Africa

Since Street Ministry closed in ± 1993 my life has taken on a BOLDNESS that I had received whilst being on the team.

I was a very quiet person who could not share or talk to people or let them know what I was feeling as I was coming out of a time of rejection, bitterness and anger due to my divorce and a relationship that was totally unequally yoked. I come from a Christian background.

But God had directed me to the Street Ministry one Saturday whilst I was shopping to go to a nightclub. I stopped to listen and something, I believe was the Holy Spirit, pulled me in and I heard Peter Rahme preaching salvation and I knew that God had got my attention.

About six months later, I started looking for a church to worship at and came to Rhema Church, where they advertised that there will be a Street Ministry meeting on Saturday at 8.00 a.m. I attended, only to find the same people I had seen on the streets. God really had a sense of humour.

I joined them and through Peter’s bold preaching and serving, I started my journey into my destiny, which God had pre-ordained even before I was conceived. I am healed, restored and made whole to do His will.

Since Street Ministry, I have been ministering and singing in Retirement homes, prisons, women’s meetings, concerts, crusades, churches – even at a motor rally etc.

Eight years ago God gave me a vision to start a Single Women’s ministry for the divorcees, widows, just single women, never been married etc. This ministry has grown so much that I have been invited by other churches nationally and internationally to preach and sing at women’s conferences and other churches. I always give an altar call as I had learned in the Street Ministry.

I head up the Single Women’s Ministry and today I am surrounded by women who are healed, restored and delivered and who are serving the Lord.

I minister healing, deliverance, restoration and encourage the women to get involved in the things of God so that they too can redeem the time and fulfill their destiny. It is never too late to serve God!

I have taken my retirement, but I am busier now than I have ever been in my life!

Today I also run the Employment office at Rhema Bible Church in Randburg (South Africa) as well, placing Christians in the workplace.

I have a new lease on life serving the body of Christ and also ministering to the unsaved.

If it had not been for God putting Peter Rahme and the Street Ministry Team in my life at that crucial time of my life, I don’t know where I would be today. Probably missed my calling and destiny and living in sin.

I am so strong and bold that nothing is impossible with me and God.

I just want to thank Peter, Dyllis and the Street Ministry Team for their love, caring and friendship, where I grew up to be the person I am today – ministering in boldness and love to the people who are suffering out there in the world.



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