The Longest Sermon Ever Preached

In 1985 Peter organized an event in which a team of 12 ministers each preached for two hours a day for six days and nights in the heart of Hillbrow, Johannesburg – the most densely populated one mile area in South Africa at the time. The enemy fought us for weeks trying to stop us from receiving the necessary permit from the authorities, but he couldn’t. This resulted in the Gospel being preached non-stop for 144 hours – beating the world record (at that time) in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest sermon preached. Thousands of tracts were distributed and many, many souls were harvested for the kingdom of God. A young man was about to commit suicide by jumping from a fourteen storey building but when he heard the gospel being preached, it touched his heart and he came down to the street where the word was being preached and received Jesus as Lord and was totally set free. He spent the remainder of the week witnessing to others, handing out tracts and sharing his testimony. He became very bold in the Lord.

During the nighttime preaching several bikers would drive up on the sidewalk or the pavement and rev their bikes as loud as they could but eventually had to leave when they saw that nothing was going to stop the mighty word of God from going forth. Drunks would come out trying to break the flow of the anointing and the preaching but praise God, our God ordained it and nobody could stop it. Twenty five thousand tracts, booklets and bibles were handed out besides food and soft drinks. Hundreds were saved and testified how they were delivered by the power of God’s word. Hallelujah to our God!




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